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  • Karyn Palmer Grant

2020 is YOUR Year to Thrive as a Physician Again!

It’s 2020 – what are you going to do to reach the goals that you’ve set? What will be different next December?

Could a Facebook post really change your life? Well, yes. Ask Rebecca. When she glanced at a post in October that spoke to the pain she was feeling as a result of practicing medicine the way that she wanted to... She had just taken a $5 paycheck in order to have the funds to give her staff a holiday bonus. Her house needed a new hot water heater and her second child was applying to colleges. She was working until 10 or 11 every night to try to get notes done. And was months behind on billing. She hadn’t gone on a real vacation with her family in two years…

Rebecca clicked a link and scheduled a free strategy session with me. She got clear on where her most immediate opportunities for income growth existed, on her most pressing challenges, and on what she wanted to do with the extra time and income she could generate.

Fast forward 2 months. Rebecca has added $80K to her practice and is having dinner with her family again. Her staff is engaged and performing many of the tasks that were bogging her down. Her referrals are up 50% thanks to raving reviews from patients. She is exercising, and eating real food for lunch.

Don’t suffer any longer. The motivated physicians I work with are adding six figures to their practice and freeing up an hour a day for the things they just can’t get to today. Will you be next? Schedule a free strategy session here and find out how.