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Make Everyone an Advertisement

It’s overwhelming and exhausting running a practice where you feel responsible for not only your own financial security but that of your staff as well.

What if you could get relief from the financial stress of a schedule that isn’t full enough? Right now, it’s sitting squarely on your shoulders. You value your NPs and PAs and feel fully responsible to keep them busy. They need a paycheck, they need a holiday bonus, they need vacation and benefits. They do what you ask but are also content to chat about their weekends while you race from room to room, and then leave promptly on time, while you finish charting at home after the kids go to bed.

How much longer until you cave, to become an employee of the hospital system that will tell you to see patients every 8 minutes, but pay you a better salary? You value your independence to practice the way that you want to. But how to afford it? It’s a desperate place to be, trapped with seemingly no way out. And it just keeps getting worse…

There is another way. The physicians I work with are playing by their own rules, they are seeing patients the way that they want to, and they are filling their schedules. They are leaving the office on time with charting complete. Without compromising their income. They are even planning family vacations.

Sound impossible? It’s not. They are using strategies used in business for decades to engage their entire team in keeping a steady flow of patients. Their patients love coming to the office because they see the results of a staff that is proud to be part of your practice. Your entire team becomes a walking, talking testimonial and you’ve created a powerful machine to get to more patients with your clinical superpowers.

With a small shift in perspective, these smart physicians are spending more productive time with patients without compromising their financial stability. They are finding time for themselves and their own health and mental wellbeing without compromising patient care.

2020 is upon us. If you start now, you can enter 2020 strong and have your best year ever, without worry and stress. Let's talk!