Why Choose to Work With

Karyn P. Grant Consulting?

Karyn is an expert in taking a bold approach to showing high achieving leaders how to do the work they love with the lifestyles they deserve. To walk into every situation with confidence and power. To lead people in a way they will never forget.


Karyn has led teams to success in large corporations and early stage startups in healthcare. Her specialty is in working with physicians, and successful leaders in all industries. She is a master at motivating complex teams to think outside the box for innovative solutions that create dramatic success. She shows her clients how to do the same, with exceptional results.


Karyn is an ICF credentialed executive leadership coach, an author, and a speaker. She is on faculty at ASU and the American Express Leadership Academy. She is a mother of two amazing daughters, both thriving as Bold and Fearless leaders in their own lives.


Karyn's most recent book, BOLD AND FEARLESS

delivers a compelling and creative take on dynamic leadership. It’s a winning combination of seasoned insight, inspiration, and innovation. Each chapter has a Bold and Fearless Challenge that will energize you out of your comfort zone and into leadership greatness that is limited only by

your imagination.