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Hear What our Clients Have to Say

I am celebrating my promotion to VP with a huge salary increase and a great additional benefits! I had been passed over for this job 3 times before I started working with Karyn... She showed me how to confidently position myself as the obvious leader. I have the job I have dreamed about for years and feel so happy and proud. The sky is the limit! I can’t recommend Karyn enough.


I’m not invisible anymore! I’m showing up to Board calls with full confidence and a little sass that are the real me. I’m letting my Bold and Fearless self shine, and it feels so good! Thanks to my work with Karyn, I’m taking my whole family to the beach for two weeks to celebrate the great salary increase I negotiated. Most importantly, I feel appreciated and respected for exactly who I am.


I got my dream job! I can hardly believe that in such a short time I went from wishing for a simple promotion, to reaching for the stars. Karyn inspired me to lead my team with confidence and creativity, and show everyone what I’m really capable of. I’m not the competent worker bee they thought, I am an amazing leader!!! With a huge salary increase and great benefits that I designed just for me! This is really amazing!!


I no longer apologize for asking for my CEO’s time. Instead, she has asked me to lead a special task force, with great visibility inside the company and in the community. This is important, ground-breaking stuff! We are working as a team and strategizing creating a new VP position for me. Working with Karyn has been life changing, at home too. I am confident, ask for what I want, and find the win-win every time.